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NanoZolid is a technology that allows local, controlled, and sustained release of drugs over time, and that has excellent applicability and can be combined with different types of drug substances. The purpose of the NanoZolid technology is primarily to make drug treatments more precise, to induce a higher local effect while reducing systemic side effects. NanoZolid-formulated drugs are injected as a suspension directly into or near the tumor. The suspension solidifies and forms a local solid drug depot which releases the drug in a controlled manner over a longer and defined period. The depot is biodegradable and is completely absorbed into the body without leaving any residual products.

The NanoZolid technology is based on manufacturing methods developed in the materials industry, where the technology is used, among other things, to produce materials with high density and mechanical strength. This pressure technique can be utilized to develop drug carriers based on calcium sulfate that can remain a long period in the area of administration and release the active drug substance in a controlled manner over a defined time period. Depending on the manufacturing method of the drug formulations, it is possible to determine and fine-tune the amount of drug that is released. This is a key strength when drugs are administered locally in specific organs and tissues that allows high drug concentrations with limited or negligible systemic exposure. The technology has been clinically validated with evident drug effects in both phase I and phase II studies.

LIDDS’ project portfolio is developed for various oncology indications where NanoZolid-formulated drugs have a pronounced advantage in terms of efficacy and safety. There are other possible applications where the NanoZolid technology could provide beneficial solutions to medical challenges such as drug compliance, but so far, this has not been the focus of LIDDS’ internal development.

LIDDS continuously develops its drug delivery technology, which is important for being at the forefront of both our own technology and our internal and external projects. It is also of importance to continue building on our solid IP situation that provides protection all the way until 2037.