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Why invest in Lidds?

1. LIDDS has a proprietary drug delivery technology with broad application areas meaning strong growth opportunities

  • The NanoZolid technology has been developed by LIDDS with a strong IP position where both the technology and products developed using the technology is protected at least until 2037
  • The NanoZolid technology can be used to formulate many different types of drugs suggesting numerous opportunities to recycle existing drugs and formulate new ones
  • The NanoZolid technology facilitates local administration, controlled and maintained release during a defined and proglonged time period, which can be used to solve problems within many indication areas
  • The NanoZolid technology has been validated through partnerships as well as in clinical trials

2. LIDDS has developed its own pipeline within oncology where LIDDS offers unique solutions

  • More precise oncology treatments, using local administration that allows for more precise and effective dosing, while avoiding systemic side effects, thus improving patient care
  • Fewer hospital visits needed, improving quality of life for patients as well as health economics
  • Currently LIDDS has two projects in clinical development and two in pre-clinical development phase

3. Partnership with Johnson & Johnson, validating LIDDS technology

  • The partnership means a solid business validation of LIDDS technology
  • The cooperation brings better understanding of Big Pharma’s priorities and expectations on LIDDS’ technology

4. Lower development costs and higher chance to market

  • LIDDS and the NanoZolid technology offer the opportunity to reformulate approved drugs, which significantly decreases development risks and could shorten the time to market. This is important within the oncology area where projects historically have shown a lower chance to market
  • When reformulating drugs that previously have been assessed in clinical development, the number of patients required to evaluate safety decreases, thus lowering costs

5. Experienced and committed Management and Board of Directors

  • The Management team has extensive experience from pharmaceutical development both in an entrepreneurial environment and from large pharmaceutical companies
  • The Board of Directors has a solid experience in both pharmaceutical development and business development from the pharmaceutical industry