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LIDDS aquires Noviga Research

Noviga Research AB is a Swedish Pharma company focused on the development of novel effective pharmaceuticals for the treatment of advanced cancer.

Innovative drug delivery platform for the benefit of patients and pharma industry


LIDDS' optimal drug delivery for patients and partners

LIDDS is based on the proprietary drug delivery technology NanoZolid, a versatile technology that can be used to formulate most drugs and solve problems within many indication areas, offering good growth opportunities. The IP position is strong, providing coverage for both the technology and products based on the technology until at least 2037. LIDDS has developed its own pipeline within the large and growing oncology area where unique solutions can be provided. The ability to reformulate and improve existing drugs means lower development costs and higher chance to market. The technology is validated both through established partnerships and clinical trials.

LIDDS board and management has a strong track record of building and operating pharmaceutical and life-science businesses.


NanoZolid® – more precise drug treatment with higher local effect and reduced systemic side effects

NanoZolid is a technology for local, controlled, and sustained release of drugs over time. The purpose is primarily to make drug treatments more precise, to induce a higher local effect and to reduce systemic side effects.

NanoZolid-formulated drugs are injected as a suspension directly into or near the tumor. The suspension solidifies and forms a local solid drug depot which releases the drug in a controlled manner over a longer and defined period. As the depot breaks down, it is completely absorbed into the body without leaving any residual products.



Liproca Depot

Liproca Depot is being developed for prostate cancer. Liproca Depot is NanoZolid-formulated 2- hydroxyflutamide (2-HOF) which is an anti-androgen drug. 2-HOF is normally being used systemically for treating prostate cancer patients before radical treatments, but often with severe side-effects. These can be avoided with local administration of Liproca Depot in the tumor.



Nanodotax is NanoZolid-formulated docetaxel which is a commonly used chemotherapeutic drug that has been approved for several oncological conditions. Nanodotax has shown to be safe and well tolerated in a phase I study. In addition there was an observed effect on systemic and local immunological biomarkers indicating that the immune system was responding positively and specifically to the treatment.


Nanoimod is the toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9) agonist agatolimod formulated in NanoZolid®. The project is in preclinical development and is being prepared for a Phase Ib clinical study in multiple cancer indications in addition to treatment with Checkpoint inhibitors.



LIDDS has entered into a research and development agreement with Johnson & Johnson Enterprise Innovation Incorporated and a license agreement for China with Puheng Pharma for Liproca Depot.

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