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LIDDS is a company built on research and development. The company has developed a unique drug delivery technology, which has been utilized in the generation of an oncology pipeline of in-house and partnered programs from early to late stage development. The pipeline represents LIDDS ambition to develop better and safer treatments for patients that have a strong value to global pharma companies. This is done by maximizing the efficacy by efficient targeting of diseased part of the body while minimizing off-target accumulation to avoid systemic side effects.



Liproca Depot

Liproca Depot is being developed for prostate cancer. Liproca Depot is NanoZolid-formulated 2-hydroxyflutamide (2-HOF) which is an anti-androgen drug. 2-HOF is normally being used systemically for treating prostate cancer patients before radical treatments, but often with severe side-effects. These can be avoided with local administration of Liproca Depot in the tumor.



Nanodotax is NanoZolid-formulated docetaxel which is a commonly used chemotherapeutic drug that has been approved for several oncological conditions. Nanodotax has shown to be safe and well tolerated in a phase I study. In addition there was an observed effect on systemic and local immunological biomarkers indicating that the immune system was responding positively and specifically to the treatment.

Nanoimod and nanoxan

Nanoimod and nanoxan is a NanoZolid formulated combination therapy consisting of a TLR9 agonist and a non-disclosed substance. The combination has shown signs of immunoactivity in untreated tumors (abscopal effect) in preclinical studies.



LIDDS has entered into a research and development agreement with Johnson & Johnson Enterprise Innovation Incorporated and a license agreement for China with Puheng Pharma for Liproca Depot.