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Business Model

LIDDS’ business model is to utilize LIDDS’ patented drug delivery technology to create more efficacious and safer treatments that result in greater value for patients, the company and its stakeholders. With a unique and well-positioned drug delivery technology and a strong pipeline, the attractiveness of LIDDS towards global partners with commercialization capacity will increase. The objective is to out-license the internally developed programs no later than Proof-of-Concept (PoC) in humans. Furthermore, LIDDS intends through solid scientific data and success to become a preferred drug delivery partner for global pharmaceutical companies interested in in-licensing the NanoZolid technology for their internal development programs. The business value for LIDDS will be through R&D milestone payments and royalties on commercial products. There is also an opportunity to extend IP life for out-of-patent drugs through reformulation with the NanoZolid technology.