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Noviga Research

Noviga Research AB is a Swedish Pharma company focused on the development of novel effective pharmaceuticals for the treatment of advanced cancer.

Noviga’s lead substance NOV202 will be evaluated in a 28-day regulatory toxicity study and safety pharmacology study followed by clinical Phase Ib/IIa study in patients with refractory cancer. An advisory meeting has been held with the Swedish MPA, which supports previously conducted tests and plans for the clinical study.

The combination of the compound NOV202 and PARP inhibitors have shown very promising synergistic antitumoral effects in several tumour models. The combination of NOV202 and several PARP inhibitors on the market have shown improved efficacy compared to any of the pharmaceuticals given alone. Examples of preclinical cancer models used are models for ovarian-, pancreatic- and prostate cancer.

The compound has good pharmacokinetic properties, and it is well tolerated. In a preliminary safety study, histological evaluation of major organs after seven days of exposure at expected therapeutic levels did not demonstrate any significant findings. The body weight in the efficacy study was recorded and no obvious substance-related effects were observed. A 14-day, once-daily oral non-GLP toxicology study was conducted using doses from the efficacy studies. No findings in the study indicates a risk for major adverse toxicity effects by NOV202.

The synthesis of NOV202 has been optimized and a process developed for large scale production gave high yields and purity. The synthesis is uncomplicated and the production costs are therefore low.

The drug candidate NOV202 and the combination of NOV202 with a PARP inhibitor have patent protection.