Innovative drug delivery platform for the benefit of patients and pharma industry

LIDDS AB (publ) develops injectable drugs for cancer and other diseases based on our unique proprietary NanoZolid® technology. NanoZolid® helps solve some of the main problems with the way drugs work in the body and which affect patient quality of life. NanoZolid® enables the controlled, long-term and personalized release of drugs for up to six months. NanoZolid®  can be combined with traditional small molecules as well as with larger molecules.

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LIDDS and NanoZolid®  -  proven potential and track record

LIDDS enables new treatments and revitalizes existing products.

LIDDS business strategy is to use NanoZolid® for three purposes: our own in-house drug development, for out-licensing to other pharmaceutical companies for use in the development of new drugs, and as a tool for the life cycle management of established medicines.

Licensing agreements have been successfully concluded with a number of different pharmaceutical companies, including a licensing and clinical trial agreement in China.

LIDDS board and management has a strong track record of building and operating pharmaceutical and life-science businesses.

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”CEO Comment – Preparing to Reap Future
Growth Opportunities


– Nina Herne
July 16, 2021

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NanoZolid® – controlled drug release and reduced side effects

NanoZolid® improves drug effectiveness and patient quality of life by allowing high drug loads with reduced side effects and improved compliance.

When injected, NanoZolid® forms a solid depot, releasing the active drugs over a period of up to six months. As it releases its drug load, the NanoZolid® depot dissolves and is absorbed harmlessly into the body.

NanoZolid® can be used intratumorally or systemically and be combined with new or existing drug formulations and be tailored to the needs of different diseases and patients.

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NanoZolid Portfolio


Prostate cancer

Our most advanced project – Liproca® Depot for prostate cancer – makes it possible to inject a well-tested anti-hormonal drug, 2-hydroxyflutamide, directly into the tumor region.


Lungcancer & Solid tumors

Based on the NanoZolid® technology, LIDDS has successfully developed a new drug candidate in combination with docetaxel, one of the most commonly used drugs for cytostatic treatment of breast, prostate, head, neck, stomach and lung cancer.


Solid tumors

The NanoZolid®-technology works well for drug development in the treatment of diseases where there is a need for local, long-lasting effects and for minimizing side effects from potent drugs that are otherwise given in the form of an injection or tablets.



Immuno-oncology is based on the principle of activating the body’s own immune system to attack cancer cells. However, with systemic immunotherapy the entire body is affected and serious side effects are common.


NanoZolid® - technology is widely applicable

LIDDS unique proprietary drug carriers can be used to develop new locally acting drugs for a wide range of cancers, such as tumors of the prostate, lung, ovarian, liver, brain, abdominal cavity, spine, head / neck, bone, uterus, kidney and bladder . Moreover, new treatments are developed to other intractable diseases that currently require systemic therapy to achieve high local drug concentrations. LIDDS has a unique and patented technology for local drug delivery that creates several advantages.

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