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Interview with LIDDS’s Chairman of the Board published on the company’s website

UPPSALA SWEDEN – LIDDS announces today that an interview with Chairman Pontus Ottosson has been published on the company's website.

Pontus Ottosson was elected Chairman at the Annual General Meeting May 29, 2023. In an interview, published today on the company's website, he summarizes his view on the company's situation and the way forward.

"I know the company's background and technology and think that there are a number of interesting assets in the company. I have personally been an investor and shareholder in the company since 2003. I also know the importance of daring to be proactive when required, honest in one's analysis and able to stick to one's strategies to make companies succeed over time. Sometimes these decisions are uncomfortable and can lead to short-term turmoil, but are absolutely necessary for long-term success. My firm belief is that LIDDS's technology, projects and patents have a significantly greater value than what the share price today reflects, the challenge is to realize these values in a way that is as good as possible for the company and its shareholders” says Pontus Ottosson. The full interview, in Swedish, can be read at