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Max Mitteregger resigns from the LIDDS’s board

UPPSALA, SWEDEN – LIDDS announces today that Max Mitteregger is leaving the company's board at his own request.

LIDDS announces today that Max Mitteregger will leave the board of directors of LIDDS. The company's board thus consists of Pontus Ottosson (chairman), David Bejker, Daniel Lifveredson and Johan Lund. Max Mitteregger's resignation is at his own request.

"I want to thank Max for the much-appreciated efforts he has made for LIDDS over the past year. I want to emphasize that there is no conflict between the company and Max Mitteregger, but that it is a matter of prioritizing time and resources on the part of both parties. Max will not sell his shares in connection with his leaving his board, but will remain as a shareholder until further notice." says Pontus Ottosson, chairman of the board.