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LIDDS signs a deal with Alira Health on sell-side support in Licensing

UPPSALA, SWEDEN – LIDDS AB (publ) announces today that, effective immediately, the company will be supported sell-side by Alira health in its Business Development efforts, encompassing licensing of its drug candidates as well as its technology.

Alira Health will collaborate with LIDDS and provide support through its M&A expertise integrated with in-depth market, medical, and science understanding to solicit potential licensees, support in the selection of offers, and in negotiations. The collaboration will mark a new era of structured and professionalised business development in LIDDS; and finalising a licensing deal on Liproca Depot has the highest priority in 2023.

Alira Health is a global advisory and clinical research firm with a team comprised of over 600 scientists, strategists, economists, clinicians, and biostatisticians. Alira Health works to fully understand every aspect of their clients’ business and offer value at every stage of their corporate and product evolution. One of its service branches features sell-side business development and M&A support, and it is in the capacity that it will serve LIDDS in 2023.

“I have worked with Alira Health in the past and I have been impressed with the clear structure of their work as well as with the results that they have achieved” says Anders Månsson, CEO of LIDDS. “LIDDS needs a professional and structured Business Development process, and we are not enough people to rely only on in-house resources. I am sure the extension of our team through this collaboration with Alira Health, will speed our licensing results and improve our chances of successful dealmaking”, he continues.