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LIDDS patenting pharmaceutical products with large biomolecules in NanoZolid® for immunotherapy

LIDDS has demonstrated the possibility of integrating antibodies with NanoZolid technology, which is why the company has submitted a patent application to protect development of immunomodulating drugs and methods of immunotherapy.

Preclinically, LIDDS has shown that antibodies can be incorporated into NanoZolid and released in a controlled manner in a biological environment. The antibodies are released over time with their biological function retained. For this reason, conditions permit administration of antibodies with NanoZolid in tumours for local activation of the body’s own immune response.
Thus LIDDS is expanding its patent protection to cover administration of large biomolecules for immunotherapy in the treatment of cancer, among others.

– ‘We are working intentionally to expand and extend patent protection for the technology platform NanoZolid and have now complemented our already impressive patent portfolio to protect innovations in a very interesting therapy area: immunotherapy to treat cancer. Broad and extended patent protection gives us important support for our ongoing developmental projects and is an asset to business partners and licencees,’ says CEO Monica Wallter.

Side effects from systemic immunotherapy can be serious, and LIDDS wants to develop effective local treatment but with limited side effects and thus offer better quality of life to the affected patients.

For more information, please contact:
Monica Wallter, CEO, +46 (0) 737 07 09 22, e-mail:

The goal of LIDDS is to develop effective pharmaceutical products to treat various cancers with the patented drug development technology NanoZolid®, which releases the drug locally in close proximity to the tumour for optimum effect and with fewer side effects. NanoZolid® provides a controlled release of the drug, which is released over shorter or longer periods of time, reducing the number of doses. As NanoZolid® can integrate pharmaceutical substances that have already been approved by the authorities, the development risk is reduced, as well as the time and cost required to obtain market approval. The company's most advanced project – the prostate cancer product Liproca® Depot with 2- hydroxyflutamide – has shown positive results in clinical, Phase II trials without inducing the hormonal side effects associated with current tablet treatment. For more information, go to Redeye AB is a certified adviser to LIDDS.