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LIDDS patent covering the NanoZolid® production process granted in Japan and South Korea

UPPSALA, SWEDEN – LIDDS AB (publ) announces today that its most recent patent family on the NanoZolid® production process, and hence the achieved pharmaceutical products, has been granted in Japan and South Korea. The patent provides protection until 2037 in these markets.

“ The expansion of our patent protection in two markets of significant size is an important step in our strategy to strengthen our commercial position in potential partner discussions” says Nina Herne, CEO of LIDDS.

Recently, LIDDS has received patent approval in Japan (JP2019520633A) and South Korea (KR20197011910A). The invention covering the production process for the NanoZolid® technology provides protection until 2037. Furthermore, the patent protects all pharmaceutical products obtained with the process described in the patent. This adds two important approvals for this patent family, which has also received approvals in China, Russia, Australia, India, South Africa and Singapore in recent times. The patent and a related divisional patent are already approved in the US as previously communicated.