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A review article defines LIDDS as a key player in TLR9 agonist research field and being the only provider having a sustained release product in development

A scientific review article “Toll-Like Receptor 9 Agonists in Cancer”, written by Dr Davar Diwakar et al, a prominent immune-oncology research group in Pittsburgh (US), was recently published in the  OncoTargets and Therapy journal discussing and reviewing key players in preclinical studies and ongoing clinical trials of TLR9 agonists. TLR9 is one of the most promising targets for increasing the response and reversing the resistance to current cancer immunotherapies.


“LIDDS is excited to be part of the TLR9 agonist landscape. Repeated intratumoral injections are needed using standard formulations and our goal is to expand the commercial potential for TLR9 agonists as the NanoZolid® technology can offer fewer injections to reduce the burden on both patients and the healthcare system. It is especially interesting to see that LIDDS is the only provider in the list of active companies that can offer a TLR9 agonist depot with a sustained release,” commented Monica Wallter, CEO of LIDDS.

LIDDS is preparing to initiate a Phase I study in 2021 to assess safety, tolerability and tumor effects when injecting NZ-TLR9 into solid tumors.

The scientific article by Dr Davar Diwakar is available at:

LIDDS will put a summary on its website outlining the TRL9 agonists landscape, the conclusions drawn by the authors of the OncoTargets and Therapy article and sketching out LIDDS approach to developing an intratumoral and effective administration of TLR9 agonists with less frequent injections. The article is available at

About TLRs and TLR9
Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are a key target for the pharmaceutical industry in the fight against cancer. TLRs are expressed on various immune cells, including dendritic cells, and upon activation they initiate the body’s immune response. TLR9 activation can lead to an immunologically active or inflamed tumor environment which then recruits the cytotoxic T cells necessary for an antitumor response in immunotherapy. Thus, TLR9 agonists can convert immunologically “cold” tumors to immunologically “hot” tumors. The most relevant target cancers for the TLR9 project are head and neck cancer, prostate cancer, sarcomas and lymphomas. These cancers are diagnosed in around 2 million patients each year. The market for TLR agonists is expected to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars over the coming years. 

Monica Wallter, CEO
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LIDDS AB (publ) is a Swedish-based pharmaceutical company with a unique drug delivery technology NanoZolid®. NanoZolid® is a clinically validated drug development technology and is superior in its ability to provide a controlled and sustained release of active drug substances for up to six months. LIDDS has licensing agreements where NanoZolid is combined with antiandrogens, and also has in-house development projects in the clinical as well as the preclinical phase for cytostatics and immunoactive agents. LIDDS (LIDDS) shares are listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Redeye AB,, +46 (0)8 121 576 90, is a certified adviser to LIDDS. For more information, please visit