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Nanoimod and nanoxan

Nanoimod is NanoZolid-formulated agatolimod, which is a toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9) agonist. Nanoxan is a non-disclosed substance formulated with the NanoZolid technology. Activation through TLRs is an important part of our innate immune system which results in an immunologically favorable microenvironment. This is accomplished through active recruitment of specific immune cells such as antigen presenting cells that will eventually lead to activation of specific cytotoxic T-cells. Agatolimod has previously been investigated for its effect in different oncological conditions but failed. LIDDS believe that by formulating agatolimod into a slow-release depot and administer the drug intratumorally the drug will be present in higher amounts over longer periods of time in the tumors. This is specifically favorable if combined with a drug with immune stimulating properties. The combination of nanoimod and nanoxan are believed to have the capacity to render cold tumors hot and the addition of a check-point inhibitor will ascertain continuous activation of the generated tumor-specific immune response. The program is in preclinical stage and proof-of-principle (PoP) studies in relevant animal models are being performed. Next step will be toxicity evaluations and preparation for clinical trial in 2023 including manufacturing, definition of target population, clinical development plan and regulatory strategy to bring the treatment forward as fast as possible.