LIDDS intends to develop Liproca® Depot for the treatment of prostate cancer until Phase III, to then enter into partnership with one or more pharmaceutical companies to finance the continued development, registration, price negotiation and commercialization in significant markets. The cooperation may be based on a licensing agreement including the upfront payment, milestone payments and royalties.

An even greater therapeutic and commercial potential, however, lies in the future, new applications for the technology platform. After the "proof of concept" in a strategic population will out-licensing of selected rights to be considered, which will generate revenue by analogy with Liproca® Depot.



To develop pharmaceutical products in therapeutic areas where there is a great medical value of local treatment, especially treatment of localized tumors, based on LIDDS NanoZolid® platform. To generate revenue to LIDDS through the commercialization of the developed pharmaceutical products based on the platform technology through licensing, collaborative-based milestones and royalties, direct product sales and the sale of the entire development project.



Develop and refine NanoZolid® as drug carriers with the primary goal of developing novel injectable pharmaceutical products for cost-effective local treatment of various cancers. The first application for the produced product Liproca® Depot is localized prostate cancer. The usage of Liproca® Depot is the approximately 400,000 patients are monitored with regular inspections but not dealt with today. LIDDS want to provide patients with localized low- and medium-risk prostate cancer, a new treatment, but without troubling systemic side effects and side effects.



The goal is to get Liproca® Depot approved for the treatment of localized prostate cancer where emergency treatment is not necessary. LIDDS long-term goal, which is a decisive prerequisite for creating future profitability, is to also reach volume applications in the context of the treatment of other localized tumors and in this segment to develop products with chemotherapy based on NanoZolid® technology.