A technology with many uses

LIDDS unique proprietary drug carriers can be used to develop new locally acting drugs for a wide range of cancers, such as tumors of the prostate, lung, ovarian, liver, brain, abdominal cavity, spine, head / neck, bone, uterus, kidney and bladder . Moreover, new treatments are developed to other intractable diseases that currently require systemic therapy to achieve high local drug concentrations.

LIDDS has a unique and patented technology for local drug delivery that creates several advantages:

• The formulation provides controlled release of drugs in the desired time up to six months.
• Pharmaceutical preparation reabsorbed completely into the tissue due to its water solubility.
• The drug is not adversely affected by the integration of LIDDS technology.
• The formulation reduces the risk of accidental so-called dose-dumping, i.e. the drug is leaking uncontrollably.