Senior executives


Monica Wallter, CEO, born 1956

In Marketing from the University of Lund. Former CEO of Ellen AB (publ) from 2008 to 2014 and CEO of Probi AB (publ) 2000-2003. Many years of experience in strategic and operational management positions within Pharmacia Group 1986-1995 and Pharmacia & Upjohn during the years 1996-2000

Holding: 18,269 shares


Bengt Norvik, CFO, born 1955

Accountant from the University of Uppsala. Former CFO of Know IT AB (publ), Pargon AB and AB Upnod. Bengt runs his own business Markett Affärsutveckling AB, which provides consulting services in management, economics and finance. Bengt has experience from both listed as start-ups in Life Science, IT industry and commerce.

Holdings: 20,000 shares



Other Executives


Carl-Gustaf Golander, Head of Clinical R & D, born 1953

Master of Science, M.Sc. and PhD from the Royal Institute of Technology and MBA in Project Management from Linköping Institute of Technology. About 10 years of experience as an expert in biomaterials and then 25 years experience in drug development. Has held various senior R & D positions at Pharmacia, Q-Med, Orexo, Quintiles, and BAAU Pivotal Therapeutics and helped in the development of dozens of pharmaceutical and medical device products in various indications.


Stefan Grudén, responsible for pharmaceutical R & D, born 1972

Pharmacists, M.Sc. Pharm., From Uppsala University. 17 years experience in pharmaceutical research and development, including 15 years in senior services and Pharmacy Manager both Galenica AB, Malmö and Orexo AB, Uppsala, Sweden. Participated in the development of over 50 projects, of which more than a third have been upscaled to production scale and currently on the market as commercial products. Have a vast experience in solid and semi-solid drug delivery technologies. He comes from a position as Innovation Coordinator of Orexo AB.


Niklas Axen, Director of Materials & Device, born in 1963

M.Sc. Engineering Physics at Uppsala University, PhD and Associate Professor of Materials Science at Uppsala University. Niklas Axen has previously worked in product development at De Beers and Hemapure, and has been in charge of R & D including Cerbio AB, Doxa AB and AB OrtoWay



Martin Johansson, project leader for preclinical R&D in oncology and immunotherapy, born 1971 

M.Sc. chemical engineering Lund University, Ph.D. and associate professor in organic chemistry at Lund University. 17 years of experience in medicinal chemistry and preclinical research and development. Formed Chief Scientific Officer with Respiratorius AB and senior research scientist at AstraZeneca Discovery R&D Södertälje Discovery R&D, Södertälje. Project manager for Glactone Pharma AB.