LIDDS (Local Intelligent Drug Delivery System) develops products based on a patented and clinically tested drug delivery technology. The unique properties of the pharmaceutical depot formulation is the basis for LIDDS technology platform for the development of new pharmaceutical products. LIDDS founded by researchers and entrepreneurs at Uppsala University, University of Gothenburg and the life science incubator PULS AB. The unique properties of LIDDS drug delivery technology is that the release rate can be modified and adapted to different clinical needs, it is injectable in many different tissues and is well tolerated, it will gradually disappear and are also visible by ultrasound at the injection, which allows controlled placement next diseased tissue (for example, tumor tissue).


LIDDS first product, depot Liproca® is a targeted product for the local treatment of prostate cancer. As a first indication the pretreatment before radiation chosen because it is considered to be the fastest route to a first authorization in the EU and the US. The goal is to significantly reduce the side effects, but at the same time maintaining and improving the anticancer effect compared to the current systemic anti-hormonal treatment options. A Phase Ib and two Phase IIa trials involving approximately 50 patients have been conducted with Liproca® Depot, which yielded positive results with the demonstration of efficacy of both PSA and prostate volume in line with expectations specifically on tumor issue.